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Come Fly With Me

Let's Take Off In The Blue...

Canadian Crooner
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This community is for new and established fans of the 27 year-old crooner, Michael Bublé (pronounced Boo-blay).

Michael has recently released his self-titled debut album which is now out in stores.
He grew up around Vancouver, BC, Canada, where he was introduced to the swing/jazz genre by his grandfather. His grandfather, a local plumber, offered to do free work for musicians in town in exchange for letting his grandson perform a few songs with them on stage.
Michael was discovered by producer David Foster while singing at a wedding for former British Prime minister Brian Muroney's daughter a couple years ago.

With a voice like velvet and a face like an angel he is bound to go far in his career. He is bringing back the lounge act, as well as smoothness and class to the music industry.

In this community, please feel free to discuss his career and music, post pictures, news, upcoming appearances and concerts.
We also want to help him broaden his fan base. That means, help promote he and his new CD! Let others know about this community, and join the Michael Buble Street Team.

The owner and maintainer of this community is shutterbug26. Please let me know how I can improve this community!